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Thank you for visiting the website of Lake Center Christian School. Our school has a long heritage of seeking and teaching truth to students. Since 1947, we have been assisting families and churches for the purpose of developing life-long learners and servants for Christ.

The concept of being a life-long learner goes beyond the daily facts and artifacts that may be taught or explored in a classroom. It means exciting a child's curiosity about God's creation; it means helping children learn the importance of communication skills including listening, speaking, writing, and reading; it means giving students the tools they need to evaluate what they hear and see from a biblical  perspective. Our curriculum at Lake Center Christian does all those things.

 When we strive to develop servants for Christ, we know we are only successful as we work together with the home and the church. Teaching students to remain faithful to doing what they say they will do; helping students practice self-control, kindness, and obedience prepares them for the time when God will call them to serve - either as leaders in the church, or as missionaries on the field, or as godly businessmen, mechanics, engineers, doctors, or lawyers. In whatever vocation they enter, the principle that I am doing this "to the glory of God" (I Cor. 10:31) is taught to them daily.

Finally, we are well aware that our goals are lofty, but we recognize that we "can do all things through Christ who gives us strength" (Phil 4:13). Our faculty is well prepared by being certified by both the state of Ohio and the Association of Christian Schools International. Both organizations require ongoing professional development and growth. Our teachers know their students, know their subject matter, know the Lord, and know how to bring all these into the lessons they teach. I believe your child will be blessed to be influenced by such godly, competent teachers.

Dr. Joseph Beeson
Blessings as you seek God's best for your children.

Dr. Joseph Beeson

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